Return to Sport Update

09 November 2020

Dear Coburg Basketball Association 

Return to Sport Update – November 9

We welcome yesterday’s announcement from the Victorian Government in regard to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions with the current (as of November 9) ‘Third Step’ aligning Regional Victoria and Metropolitan Melbourne, plus the roadmap to the ‘last step’ (as of November 23).

However, the situation in relation to the number of people allowed per venue/facility or per space is still awaiting clarity/amendment by DHHS and SRV for both the ‘Third’ and ‘Last Step’.

Please note: The current DHHS guidelines stipulate that a ‘facility’ is capped at 20 people only, regardless of the number of courts or in fact number of annexes.

We remain hopeful this refined definition of ‘Facility / Zone / Space’ by DHHS can be resolved in the coming days, we have advocated via SRV and VicSport again this morning, along with a number of other indoor sports and facility operators.

From November 23 (the Last Step), there is positive news that both adult and junior participants can return indoors in a ‘contact’ or ‘non-contact’ scenario for either training or competition. However, a venue limit of 100 ‘patrons’ has been set for indoor community sport and a group limit of 20. This is in addition to large sporting venues being able to open with a 25 per-cent venue patron cap, with each space subject to the density quotient.

We have asked for clarity on the definition of ‘patron’ as well as further detail on venue definitions and approved capacities.

We understand the current frustration in your attempts to try and plan to reactivate the sport. We will continue to discuss the issues and advocate our position with the Victorian Government on a daily basis.

These matters will be discussed on Thursday’s (November 12) Association Meeting and will provide any updates as soon as we are made aware.


From 11:59pm on Sunday 8 November

Please refer to Basketball Victoria’s Return to Sport Guidelines for further detail


  • Outdoor (contact) Competition and/or Training - ORANGE-20
  • Indoor (non-contact) training only - ORANGE-20
  • Outdoor (non-contact) training only - RED-10

From 11:59pm on Sunday 22 November


  • Outdoor (contact or non-contact) Competition and/or Training – ORANGE 50
  • Indoor (contact or non-contact) - ORANGE-20*
NB: Further clarity to come*
  • Patron cap of up to 100 people*.
  • Group size up to 20 people*.
  • Density quotient of 1 per 4m ²*
  • Large sporting venues will be able to open with a 25 per-cent venue patron cap, with each space subject to the density quotient*.

COVID Safe Plans

A reminder that all associations and clubs will require a COVID Safe Plan. The following links allow easy completion for both venue managers and associations / clubs that hire venues. A completed form sends a copy via email to the individual who completes it, plus a copy is retained on file at Basketball Victoria.


Nick Honey
Basketball Victoria
Chief Executive Officer
November 9, 2020