Rebel Community Givebacks

22 December 2020

We are now proud partners of the rebel Community Givebacks program, which means you can now support our club further. With the rebel Community Givebacks, 5% of what you spend at rebel comes back to us to spend on sports equipment and teamwear.

Simply link your rebel active membership to our club next time you shop at rebel.

Sport is the heart and soul of rebel and our vision is to inspire all Australians to chase their sporting dreams and passion and for many Australians their sporting journey begins either at school or through community sports clubs.

rebel Community Givebacks is a program designed to allow sports clubs and schools to earn instore credit at rebel to purchase essential sporting equipment and teamwear. Registered sports clubs and schools are rewarded with 5% back on sales linked to a member or student who is a rebel active member.

How does Coburg Basketball Association start earning credits?

  • Your members need to sign up to be a rebel active member instore or online at and head into their local store to link their account to your sports club or school.
  • If your members are already a rebel active member, they simply need to head into store to link their account to CBA.
  • We recommend you regularly communicate the benefits of the program to your members to ensure they sign up and link their rebel active account to CBA.

How do my members benefit?

  • By joining rebel active, your members or students will enjoy a range of great benefits such as exclusive member offers and access to VIP experiences, rewards and competitions.
  • In addition, when your members or students link their rebel active loyalty membership to your sports club or school, this will ensure that EVERY dollar they spend at rebel is helping to support your sports club or school.

When can my members choose to support CBA?

  • Members can join rebel active at any time, however they will only be able to nominate CBA (instore only) once CBA has registered for the rebel Community Givebacks program.

Are there any ongoing costs for CBA to participate in the rebel Community Givebacks program?

  • No, all we ask is that you communicate the benefits of the program to your members on a regular basis.
  • Remember – the more members who join rebel active and nominate CBA on their account, the greater your potential to earn credits.

Where can CBA earn credits?

  • At any rebel store. We have over 160 stores Australia wide. Our friendly team are waiting to assist you and your members with your needs.
  • Online: Your members can shop from the convenience of their own home, and just need to remember to log into their rebel active account to earn credits.

How credits are calculated?

  • The credit that CBA can earn is based on a minimum annual collective expenditure of $2,000 (ex. GST) instore or online.
  • When the total collective expenditure of affiliated members reaches $2,000 (ex. GST) in a 12 month period, CBA qualifies to receive a credit of 5% of the total expenditure.

For example, CBA affiliated members collectively spend a total of $2,750 at rebel between January and March in 2019. Under the CG program, CBA is eligible to receive $137.50 in credit, which is calculated at 5% of the total expenditure of affiliated members.

What happens if our supporter expenditure doesn’t reach the minimum threshold?

  • If CBA doesn’t reach the minimum spend threshold by the quarter end, don’t worry. We will roll the spend into the next quarter and continue to do so for a 12 month period.

When are the credits allocated?

Credits are allocated to CBA's account at the end of each quarter. The quarters are:

  • January 1 - March 31
  • April 1 - June 30
  • July 1 - September 30
  • October 1 - December 31

What are the regulations?

  • Should the collective expenditure of your members not reach a total of $2,000 (ex GST) in any given quarter, the total will roll over to the following quarter to count towards CBA having the opportunity to receive credits in the following quarter. However, should the collective affiliated member sales of CBA amount to less than $2,000 (ex GST) across 4 quarters (1 year), CBA will not be eligible to receive any credits under the program based on the sales generated during that year.
  • CBA may redeem credit instore only.
  • Credits are awarded at the end of each quarter (31 March; 30 June; 30 September; and 31 December) and expire within 12 months from the date of issue.

How long does CBA have to use the credit?

  • CBA has 12 months to spend each credit from the date the credit is allocated.
  • If you’ve earned a credit in a quarter, CBA will receive an email notifying you of the credit amount. Don’t forget to make sure that the contact details are up to date.

What can I purchase with the credits?

  • Credits can be used towards:
    • Sports equipment and products - If we don’t stock the product or equipment you require, please speak to your local Store Manager or rebel Community Champion about placing a special order.
    • Teamwear – rebel is able to create a range of customised teamwear for your sports club or school. Please speak to your local Store Manager or rebel Community Champion for further information.

How does CBA redeem credits instore?

  • You account will be linked to a nominated local store and we encourage you to liaise with your local Store Manager or rebel Community Champion who will be able to assist and advise on redeeming your credits.

How can I ensure CBA earns maximum credit under the rebel Community Givebacks program?

  • It is important that you communicate the rebel Community Givebacks program to your members and ensure they link CBA to their rebel active account instore. This is the only way to make their purchases count towards your credit calculation.
  • Simply put, the more members that join rebel active and nominate CBA as their chosen group, the greater your potential to earn credits.