Junior Giants Coaches

Giants coaches are held to the highest of standards. The aim for our coaches is to lead young boys and girls through their basketball journey. We set out to teach Discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect. All while helping them develop their skill set and basketball IQ.

This will enable our young athletes to develop their skill set and basketball IQ for further pathways such as BIG V or national and international levels.

Giants Coaches are always aligned to CBA vision and values.

If you are interested in joining our coaching staff, please refer to the coaching appointment procedure and fill in the expression of interest form below.

Under 12 – boys

  1. Ben Pascuzzi

Under 12 – girls

  1. Lucas Vivarelli

Under 14 – boys

  1. Samuel Aparo

Under 14 – girls

  1. Gustavo Flores

Under 16 – boys

  1. Cameron Huntington

Under 16 – girls

  1. Shaun Newitt

Under 18 – boys

  1. Brad Spriggs

Under 18 – girls

  1. Joe Borg

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